Workforce, Education and Development Services

Past members of the WHSF

Jonathan Cliffe - 3rd Year Student Midwife, Bangor University

I have been a member of the WHSF for just over a year and in that time have held the position of University Representative for Bangor University.

As the WHSF is the only multi-disciplinary forum in the UK, offering support and representation to every healthcare student in Wales, I have developed a great sense of multi-professional working.

The forum has allowed me to interact with fellow students from many healthcare disciplines, thus broadening my knowledge of other areas of health and is something I can take forward with me in my professional working.

As a midwifery student who will shortly qualify, I believe the WHSF has played an integral part in my confidence, as not only does WHSF allow for students to share knowledge, skills and experiences but also gives students the opportunity to raise issues in order to improve the quality of education within Wales.

Yiannoula Bradbury-Poulakis - 2nd Year Student Healthcare Science, Cardiff Metropolitan University

I was lucky enough to take part in the leadership and Teamwork training day. It was an experience I didn't expect myself to volunteer for but there was a sense of camaraderie amongst the students such that I felt safe to sign up and challenge myself.

It was a fantastic day and I got a lot out of it. Not only did I have a taste of the importance of teamwork and effective leadership, the sense of accomplishment I felt when we completed the command tasks is something that has had a huge impact on my academic life.

I know my comfort zone and the forum enables me to push the boundaries of it. I gave a presentation about the day I attended to the forum meeting afterwards, something I rarely get the opportunity to do let alone volunteer to do.

Tim Nagle - 1st Year Nursing (Mental Health) Student, Cardiff University

I arranged an Alcohol Brief Intervention learning day for the WHSF. Those who attended were given the opportunity to learn from regulators how substance misuse may impact on their professional registration.

It also allowed service users to talk about their recovery and how they would like to be cared for. Those who attended received training in Alcohol Brief Interventions, a useful intervention for all healthcare disciplines.

Hayley Forbes - 2nd Year Midwifery Student, Cardiff University

Through the Wales Health Student Forum I have had exposure to information I would not have had as part of my degree alone.

I have a greater understanding of how the NHS is run, and feel I have a broader skill set from attending many additional training sessions in subjects such as Welsh and Brief Alcohol Intervention. Talking to the different professions on the forum has broadened my knowledge of the NHS by allowing me to look outside my own expertise.

My team working skills have been enhanced through team building activities such as medical stretch and having the opportunity to be a member of the committee.

Being on the forum has allowed me to have a say on what the future NHS will look like by giving me opportunities to have a say on matters I would not otherwise have had exposure to. Most importantly it is great fun!